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Master Yoda. The Team at LightSaber FX have all been long time Star Wars Obsessed Fans, which is why we set out to Create Unique, Duel-Ready, Powerful Light Sabers. Based on the features and specs that matter most to you, weve put together a list of the five best neopixel lightsabers for dueling. The short answer is yes, we recommend using Base-Lit sabers for a more cost effective dueling option. TXQ SABER. Neopixel Lightsaber Anakin (612 Results) Price ($) Any price Under $50 $50 to $200 $200 to $250 Darth Maul Neopixel Lightsaber Force FX Heavy Dueling Lightsaber Xenopixel Sound board Star $315.54 $420.80 You Save 25% ($105.25) The Team at LightSaber FX have all been long time Star Wars Obsessed Fans, which is why we set out to Create Unique, Duel-Ready, Powerful Light Sabers. Both variants are great for dueling, but there is a lacuna with Neopixel. It is the best neopixel lightsaber with 80 LEDs to create the most realistic effects. Motion Sensor Smooth Swing Sound. They are better suited to lighter dueling. Kanan Sportz Gold and Black. Realistic Flash on Clash. But, the former drains the batteries quicker than the latter. For all ages of Star Wars enthusiasts, the dueling lightsaber is the ideal fantasy weapon. That makes the Heavy Grade blade extremely durable, which is what you want in a The power consumption for neopixel has improved over the years, but it is still more power-hungry than the standard RGB lightsaber. Neopixel lightsaber has recently gained widespread popularity amongst the Star Wars community and the lightsabers market. While the standard still remains useful and effective for dueling purposes. Lightsabers have plenty of uses for the buyer and can be used for display, cosplaying, or dueling. TXQ SABER Heavy Dueling RGB Lightsaber TSK-E11 $ 299.99 $ 149.99. usually they're not as good for dueling depending on which ones you get but generally base lit ones are better because neos have the led lights inside the blade and hitting them hard enough and damage them, whereas base lit sabers have nothing inside the blade. Then the first neopixel questions comes to us. 30% OFF. Capable of withstanding heavy dueling, even against kendo bokkens, and nylon hema wasters. Keep in mind dueling can lead to expected increased wear and tear. Our eco lightsabers are a product line of budget-friendly lightsabers that contain amazing features with along 92cm polycarbonate blade which is meant for dueling, a lithium-ion long-lasting battery, aluminum alloy hilt, a 5v micro USB cable, 50 Watt neopixel strip with infinite colors, & The neopixel lightsaber has several unique qualities that make it one of the best dueling lightsabers. Airplane Grade Aluminum Hilt. The construction of flexible LEDs inside the blade allows for some damage, but wed suggest avoiding full-on Darth Maul fight scene recreation.

Extremely Bright 50-Watt NeoPixel LED Strip Blade. Now the first thing you need to know about a Neopixel Lightsaber is that the light doesn't come from the hilt. To determine whether a lightsaber is duel worthy, one of the first things you need to examine is the material of the hilt. What Can You Do with a Neopixel Lightsaber? Mando Darksaber V2. Xenopixel is just a soundboard. Duel Grade 36 Polycarbonate NeoPixel Blade. Although, our Neopixel blades are suitable for dueling as well.

Evaluate the Hilt Material and Integrity. More than just a Star Wars lightsaber toy. The Duels go faster and harder, so they want to upgrade their lightsaber to a Neopixel Lightsaber.

Check out our neopixel lightsaber selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Duel Grade 36 Polycarbonate NeoPixel Blade. The Neon Sabers lightsaber blade is removable from the hilt. Neon Sabers Blade is the most durable and high-quality Neon Sabers Lightsabers blade. These Neon Sabers blades provide the most premium and quality lightsaber with multiple effects and features. TXQ Saber LED Strip Blade $ 185.70 $ 129.99. 5 We believe that good service is powerful, hard work is essential, and pursuing our passion is important. The first effect you would notice if you compare neopixel and baselit lightsabers is the ignition sequence. 30% OFF.

11. Our dueling lightsabers are designed to look like a real lightsaber at an affordable price! 4 mo. Fast Delivery. Replica Lightsabers High Quality Aluminum Multicolored Blade Premium Sound Effect Rechargeable Free Shipping. Find something memorable, join a community doing good. Other than battle, neopixel lightsabers offer a wet dream to cosplayers and collectors. Limitations Neopixel lightsabers cost more than the LED base-lit RGB lightsaber. Brightness is one of the things that Neopixel is known for and our Neopixel blade is brighter, yes they are. Lighting Fast Battery Charger.

Shop the galaxys best sabers. Select options. $10 off your first order. SG Neopixel Lightsaber. I certainly won't duel with anything other than heavy. you can create the perfect lightsaber replica for display or as a dueling weapon for battling friends from the dark side. 1 More posts from the lightsabers community 917 Posted by 5 days ago Fun

A Neopixel goes further by lighting LEDs up from the base to the tip creating an illusion of the blade extending out as was seen in the movies.

Duel Grade 36 Polycarbonate NeoPixel Blade. Multiple light saber colors to become Darth Vader, Anakin, Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi & Luke Skywalker. A brand with high-quality products and outstanding customer service is the ideal choice for neopixel lightsaber. $ 575.00 $ 435.00. 5/5 saber 3/5 delivery Good lightsaber. The lightsaber is strong. because the purchased RGB lightsabers are already awesome and of very good quality! Coolest Ignition Modes. 1. The rest was all good with this saber and is surprisingly good for dueling. Even though neopixel blades are often built tough, all types of lightsaber blades can break, especially during heavy combat dueling (think The Saber Legion [TSL] caliber competitive dueling). Since neopixel blades are more expensive to replace, they may be riskier to use for dueling. The light is all produced inside the blade and of course, the blades are going to cost a fair bit more. Plus the extra weight carries some momentum when spinning. High Quality. Our products are easy to use and offer good value for money. The blades are just as fragile as other neopixel blades. 3 yr. ago Won't go for Vaders Vault, too much for shipping for me.I'm having my first saber delivered from Electrum Sabercrafts soon, shipping was already a bit, then found I had to pay 88 in import charges. Lighting Fast Battery Charger. The new technology of sound and light effects of the lightsaber provides a movie-accurate look, feel, and performance. The combination with the soundboard makes the dueling experience amazingly pleasing. Neopixel Lightsaber A lot of our loyal RGB lightsaber fighters (customers), become experienced in dueling. That makes the Heavy Grade blade extremely durable, which is what you want in a dueling saber. We recommend Heavy Grade and the Ultraedge Heavy Grade to anyone who needs a battle-ready lightsaber for anything more lively than light, casual dueling. $546.98. Both are great for dueling, but the standard blade is more durable for combat purposes as the LEDs on the strips inside a neopixel blade are more prone to damage during lightsaber clashes. Heavy grade blades use a much thicker and more durable blade stock than midgrade or thin walled blades (used for light to medium contact). Grand Inquisitor.

Airplane Grade Aluminum Hilt. They are designed to be durable and durable. TXQSaber build your custom lightsaber. Realistic Flash on Clash. We recommend RGB lightsabers for heavy dueling. Shop Now. Our custom lightsabers includes all tools and our force fx lightsaber Kit. Neopixel lightsabers are superior to RGB lightsabers if you want a lightsaber with exceptional technical excellence, the ability to be customized entirely, and the greatest choice for cosplay. DS Neopixel Lightsaber.

Heavy grade neopixels have flex as well if you are you using a 36 inch blade, but very little. Motion Sensor Smooth Swing Sound. Is the NeoPixel lightsaber a good gift idea? Satale Shan saber CFX NeoPixel. TXQSABER NEOPIXEL LIGHTSABER.

Sabermach is the only commercial manufacturer for high quality, combat worthy, illuminated sabers, collectibles and replicas in Singapore. A neopixel lightsaber, which is also known as the Plecter Pixel lightsaber, Pixel saber or neo saber is a custom made lightsaber composed of bright Advance |XenoPixel Board with Premium Sound. Select options.

They can handle light dueling. Extremely Bright 50-Watt NeoPixel LED Strip Blade. the neopixel blade doesnt dent easily at all and I feel comfortable with some heavy dueling. What is a Neopixel lightsaber? Neopixel Lightsabers offer the coolest ignition modes, because of the LEDs in the blade. Neopixel Lightsabers are the most go-to option thanks to the strong metallic build, polycarbonate blade, and combination of electronics that lighten up with every clash. The LED strips are prone to damage during extreme clashes. Shop NeoPixel Sabers. First off, yes, you can do some light to medium dueling if needed.

It's the perfect gift if you want to give a great surprise to a friend or family member. 1. During the machining process, some sabers may develop sharp edges. Our lightsabers are made of high-quality materials, so if dueling is your aim and the price isn't an issue - then the NeoPixel Lightsaber is your best choice to buy. Advance XenoPixel Board with Premium Sound. Good versus Evil l Obi-wan Kenobi dueling Anakin Skywalker Uni-Sex T-Shirt (White, Black, Red, and Grey) Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Heavy Dueling Lightsaber Metal Hilt Neopixel blade with Smooth Swing Ad by ACSabers Ad from shop ACSabers ACSabers From shop ACSabers. Some people sell PVC and 3D printed lightsaber hilts on eBay and Etsy and those are probably not going to be durable enough for dueling. ago.

$337.72 $422.21 You Save 20% ($84.50) The Team at LightSaber FX have all been long-time Star Wars Obsessed Fans, which is why we set out to Create Unique, Duel-Ready, Powerful Light Sabers. Most lightsaber enthusiasts also use 1 inch diameter blades, rather than 7/8 inch diameter blades.

MW Neopixel Lightsaber. Can you duel with the Force FX lightsabers? 3. level 2. The answer is yes. Our sabers are rated for full contact dueling. Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber (Luke Skywalker) Price: $244; Check on Amazon This magnificent sword is made from high-quality neopixel light strips with a realistic look and feel. While the standard remains valuable and practical for dueling purposes, Neopixel lightsabers have recently spread across the Star Wars community and the lightsaber marketplace. For this price is worth it Advance |XenoPixel Board with Premium Sound.

Extremely Bright 50-Watt NeoPixel LED Strip Blade. If your looking for a good neopixel lightsaber for a good price buy from ACsabers and the seller is Clark.

The purchase varies, depending on the usage of the buyer whether it is for combat, cosplay, or simply for display. All is working, this is my first lightsaber, and i really happy.

4. Imperial Workshops Base-Lit and Neopixel sabers, especially their blades, are extremely durable. Buy a Neopixel lightsaber from Nsabers to enjoy the ultimate dueling experience and cinematic effects. I've moved on to 32-34 inch blades as they feel very stout and have little to no flex. Lighting Fast Battery Charger. Airplane Grade Aluminum Hilt. Midgrade blades can break more easily during intense dueling. Heavy Grade blades have twice the thickness and weight of Midgrade blades. YDDSABER LED Light Up Saber Force Lightsaber Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound Hight Light with FOC, Metal Hilt Light Sword , Chrismas Toy Gift (Green) Visit the YDDSABER Store 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,250 ratings Motion Sensor Smooth Swing Sound. Check out our neopixel lightsaber selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. A ditto copy of Star Wars Mission! Metal Hilt Light Sabers For Heavy Dueling The hilt of the saber is very well made of metal aluminum, fully consider the gravity effect of light saber and comfortable grip due to nice polished. $ 799.00 $ 625.00. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Realistic Flash on Clash. $ 575.00 $ 455.00. The Star Wars Supreme Kylo Ren lightsaber is an elegant weapon for dueling or cosplay. Absolutely! The baselit version will gradually brighten up the light creating a smooth ignition.

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